Hi there, fellow SLP!
Iā€™m Brooke Richardson,
       The MODERN MedSLP.

I'm a practicing MedSLP who helps Medical SLPs meet their goals and handle their toughest patient cases.  


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Continuing Education

Are you tired of education that's all theory and no practice?
                       Me too.
All of my continuing education is fluff-free so you can update your practice the very next day.


Clinical Support

I help Medical SLPs handle even their toughest patient cases.

My teaching philosophy? No guilting. No bullying. No bull.


Speech-Language Pathologist

As a practicing SLP, I have my finger on the pulse of the unique challenges (and rewards) of being a MedSLP todayā€‹.ā€‹

fluff-free Continuing Education

... all of this with a clinically-rooted Medical SLP

Brooke Richardson


Working in healthcare since 2009, I experience the same rewards and challenges you do -- things like finding the right education and community to grow my clinical skills without giving up my precious non-SLP time.     (... what's that?)

As a clinician and SLP educator, I value providing education & resources that are affordableā€‹, clinically-relevantā€‹, and fluff-freeā€‹.

You're a busy SLP with an SLP budget, so it's important to make the best use of your time and money. I get it, because that describes me, too. 

That's why I created the Modern MedSLP.

Do we sound like a match?

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